Mit Sicherheit ist LOEWE drin.

Metal Construction


LOEWE – forms metal and iron

Whether for industrial or private use, LOEWE Metal Construction gives iron and steel the form and shape it needs to have!

A high degree of functionality, an optimum of safety and the envisaged aesthetics are the principles of our work, which is mainly in the field of heavy industry. We always strive to combine form and function to create a well-balanced end product.

LOEWE Metal Construction offers an extensive range of products and services in the fields of steel construction, pipeline engineering and refractory construction systems.

We provide functioning solutions that suit every situation! Professional installation work based on currently applicable standards and specifications is, of course, another of our specialities.

Our well-trained team of experts is responsible for the necessary maintenance and repair work and also organises and implements preventive maintenance tasks.

Of course, LOEWE Metal Construction also offers a broad range of metalworking products and services for private customers, including handrails, gates, fences and roofing. Here too, we always find the right solutions to every challenge!