Mit Sicherheit ist LOEWE drin.

Electrical Engineering


LOEWE – electrifies and tests

When it comes to getting the job done in the field of electrical engineering and installation, you can fully rely on the master craftsmen who manage our LOEWE Electrical Engineering division.

The LOEWE Electrical Engineering division offers you a complete range of specialised products and services in the field of electrical installation. LOEWE Electrical Engineering performs electrical installations, provides certified maintenance and testing of electrical devices and tools in accordance with current industry standards (such as the VdE "E-Check") and also develops and implements energy-saving concepts suitable for both commercial and private situations.

Its range of installation services also covers telephone and intercom systems, interior and exterior lighting installations, BUS and SPS systems, IT systems, gate and door drives, meters, presentation and media technology, fire alarms and fire protection systems.

When it comes to improving your profitability, we detect energy-saving potential and exploit it to improve the efficiency of your electrical equipment, such as through automatic shutdowns or the use of energy-saving illuminants.