Mit Sicherheit ist LOEWE drin.



LOEWE – relying on you

The LOEWE team is qualified, efficient and reliable – and to make sure it stays that way, LOEWE has always had a tradition of training its own specialised personnel. You can receive qualified training with long-term career prospects. We offer you comprehensive, target-oriented training, varied work in a dedicated, highly motivated team and optimal support that leads to a successful qualification. Our ultimate aim is to offer you first-class career prospects and continued employment after you have successfully completed your training.

We offer the following vocational training apprenticeships:

Structural engineering technician, m/f (specialised in furnace construction)

Furnace bricklayer, m/f

Joiner, m/f

Electrician, m/f (specialised in house and building technology)

Office management assistant, m/f

Electronics technician, m/f (specialised in energy and building technology)

Have you already completed your training some time ago or are have you just recently qualified and are currently in search of a new challenge, whether training or a university degree? If so, then please feel free to send us an application; you might be just the right person for our performance-oriented team.